Human Rights Day, 2015

Human Rights Day is observed by the international community every year on 10 December. It commemorates the day in 1948 the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The formal inception of Human Rights Day dates from 1950, after the Assembly passed resolution 423 (V) inviting all States and interested organizations to adopt 10 December of each year as Human Rights Day. This  day  was  also  declared  to  raise  awareness among  those  who  are deprived of their rights. To address the plights of migrants in home and abroad, it became crucially important to implement Overseas Employment & Migrant Workers Act-2013 before their departures and control over understanding their rights. With this issue, a seminar has been held at the Dhaka Reporters’ Unity on 10 December, 2015 greatly discussed in a seminar on Ordeals of Migrants where 7 victimized migrants shared their traumatic experiences abroad. Chief Guest Advocate Salma Ali commented that in the name of migration sometimes anybody could become a victim of trafficking. She stresses that all migrants must have rights to information and legal aid and supports from migrant rights activists and media could help them to receive justice from international court.


Hasan Ahmed Chowdhury, as Special Guest, who quoted that if after the implementation of Overseas Employment & Migrant Workers Act-2013 remains dysfunctional, and then there is a greater chance to face collapse in migration sector. Nazrul Islam, who also moderated the seminar expressed that Government is expected to look after the welfare of the migrants since they are contributing largely to the national economy. Syed Saiful Haque, Chairman of WARBE Development Foundation, emphasis on establishing legal support cells at District Employment & Manpower Offices and by sharing information within the migrant communities at grassroots level.