International Women’s Day-2017

On the eve of International Women’s Day-2017, WARBE Development Foundation successfully organized a consultation on “Protection of Rights and Dignity of Women Migrant Workers” at Dhaka Reporter’s Unity from 11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. Before the consultation, WARBE also arranged aSolidarity Human Chain to Protect Women Migrant’s Rights and Dignity” at in front of press club from 9.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.

At the inception of the consultation Chairman of WARBE Development Foundation, Syed Saiful Haque greeted everyone and thanked everyone for attending the consultation.

After that Md. Faruque Ahmed, Secretary General, WARBE Development Foundation gave the address of Welcome. In his welcome note, he mentioned some crucial points regarding the rights and facilities of women labor migrant. He proposed the need of female dormitory in the countries where women migrate so that the migrated women do not have to stay and face any problem in their employer’s house.

After the welcome note Ms. Jasiya Khatoon, Director, WARBE Development Foundation presented the key note of the consultation. In her key note speech she emphasized on the equal rights of men and women in their respective workplace. She pointed out the need of proper training for the trainers who train the migrant workers before their departure. She also brought up the issue of ratifying the ILO convention no 189 by the government.

Among the participants of the consultation 5 female returnee migrant victims from Saudi Arab, Jordan, Lebanon who shared their stories with the audience.

In open discussion session, Mr. Sirajul Haque, president, Bangladesh National Garments Workers Employees League (BNGWEL) talked about creating a global community on domestic worker’s right. Mr. Najmul Ahsan, Chairman, Bangladesh Ovibashi Adhikar Forum (BOAF)  discussed about the initiative of getting two months of advance salary even before the departure of migrant workers and he also mentioned the need of providing security to the female migrant worker in their work agreement.

Guest of Honor Ms. Rina Roy, Director, Manusher Jonno Foundation mentioned that Dalals or Middlemen crisis has to be eliminated for safe migration and also mentioned that government should look after the write ups if the agreement of the migrant workers. She put emphasis on the fact that all the NGOs who are working on this matter should stick together for a better outcome. At the same time she mentioned to work side by side with the government.

Guest of Honor Ms. Shahina Ferdous, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment mentioned that she collected information from the consultation and she would bring up these issues to the right authority. She told that as the laws are different in the destination countries the government faces difficulties to protect the rights of migrant workers. She encouraged the returnee female migrants in the audience to create awareness among other interested people on the labor migration issue. She also encouraged the returnee female migrants by addressing them as assets of our nation.

In the closing remarks Syed Saiful Haque, Chairman of WARBE Development Foundation showed his appreciation to the participants for being presented in the consultation and thanked those persons who were behind working to organize the program. At the same time he recognized the contribution of the female migrant workers and asserted that the interested people who want to migrate for better opportunity should first have to get the correct information.