Who Am I?

Md. Faruque Ahmed is the real struggling character of migrant workers. He faced the worst migrant lifespan at Saudi Arabia in his migration period from 1986 to 1996. The wrong treatment by an Indian origin general physician at KKMC, KSA directed him to damage his right kidney as well as suffered him a lot. He rushed from Bangladesh High Commission to Riyadh Governor’s office, from Defense ministry to Health ministry to receive fair justice and treatment. But, unfortunately returned Bangladesh with bare hand and struggle for three years. Mr. Faruque also rushed to different NGOs and Rights based national-international organizations for the compensations and fair justice after returning to Bangladesh in 1996. That time he realized that, there is no one for the help of the migrants.

Believing the rights of migrants for free movement and receiving fair justice, Faruque along with some other returnee migrants founded the WARBE Development Foundation in 1997. He is the current Secretary General of WARBE DF and look over the project implementation and administration section of WARBE. He is one of the most decision makers for WARBE DF. Mr. Faruque attended and spoke in different national-international advocacy programs for promoting safe migration, protecting migrants’ rights home and aboard. He also led from front to rescue victims of labor trafficking from abroad and raise voice of migrants for their rights. Earlier, Mr. Faruque was a member of Bangladesh Army and served for 14 years to protect the sovereignty of the country- for what he always feels proud.