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Who Am I?

Syed Saiful Haque has been an organizer, activist and advocate for migrants’ human rights at national, regional and international level since 1997. He was worked in Saudi Arabia and Singapore.  He is a founder Chairperson of “WARBE Development Foundation” a right based migrants’ organization working in the field of migration, migrants’ human rights and development in Bangladesh.  He represents the organization at various fora and forum and different committees selected by the government and non government institutions and networks at home and abroad.

Mr. Haque was participated in the “Informal Interactive Hearings on International Migration and Development” and parallel meetings of the “UN High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development (UNHLD)” at the United Nations (UN) in the year 2006 & 2013 and participated all Civil Society Day’s of the “Global Forum for Migration & Development (GFMD)” since 2007 to 2916. He is now the Member of International Steering Committee (ISC) to organize CSD’s of GFMD.  He attended different consultation programs at the United Nations in Geneva and New York like meeting at the UN Commissions on Human Rights (UNCHR) & UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), International Labour Conference (ILC) of ILO, IOM meeting on Sustainable Development Goals etc. He was the past Chairperson of the Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA) a regional network of migrants associations, non-governmental organizations, trade unions etc working in migration and development field.

Mr. Haque as a migrants’ rights activist and an expert in migration field regularly invited as a resource person in the TV talk-show and in various conference, seminar, symposium, and workshops on migrants rights issues at home and abroad.