Social Structure

Social structure concept with an understanding that community is helping each other for safe migration and reintegration. Migrant community will form a strong platform from where they can straggle to establish their rights, raises collective voice as well as they could benefited and economically empowered from involving with business activities.

There are four key networks that will build a strong platform at national and district level. Different organizations who had worked in different aspects of migration issues they come in a common understanding that protect migrant rights and ensure their rights by the newly enacted migration law-2013.

The main structure is and will be the MISC. From our understanding the MISC should be kind of the middle of the wheel on district level and below. For local level cases should be referred. This relations should be proper defines for all structures.

Background & main objective of the Social Structure

The structure will be newly created with a proper guideline of a network to work for protecting and enhance the rights of migrants and member of their families. At district level there are many organization who have worked on different development issues like,  anti-trafficking, health, HIV/AIDS, poverty, woman empowerment, education etc. Though all these organizations has tried to established human rights  of every citizen  of this country and  protect by the governments existing laws. This is universal requirement of all level of people but there are communication gaps existed  between the organizations. To minimize the gaps between organizations and to share MISCs vision and mission, this network would be a platform where all member organizations would come in a common understanding for the “promotion of migrant rights issues and support potential, returnee migrants and member of their families not to be abused, cheated, harassed during migration phases and migrants reintegration after return. The left behind family members i.e. women, girls and children of migrants gets proper social, economical and psychological support for minimizing the social costs of migration as well.

Relation to the project & other social structures of the project

The national level network will contribute to achieve the intended impact and outcomes of our project. It will carry out different development initiatives with government officials, DEMO, BAIRA, Law enforcement authority; others labor forums and civil society representatives to focus on safe migration issues. WARBE is a general member of the network.  WARBE will provide technical assistance sharing their long time experiences to develop the effective advocacy and lobby strategy for policy changes and implementation of the government laws on migration.

Role of WARBE

  • Assist to develop an advocacy mechanism with government.
  • Information gathering and determinate information, sharing experience and active voice rises against migrant rights violations.
  • Help to develop other cross cutting issues like poverty reduction, woman and youth empowerment, economic development of low income community and development friendly utilization of remittance, etc.

Support provided by project

  • Assistance and technical support to organize regular meetings with network members.
  • Information and knowledge shearing with network members to organized different workshop, seminar, lobby meetings etc.
  • Provide membership charges to the network.
  • Help to develop constitution/guideline of the National Migration Network.
  • Help to introduce working structure.
  • Facilitate networking.
  • Regular technical support.
  • Capacity development for the members if needed.